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The 131st Canton Fair in Faret was grandly opened, and the online live studio welcomed customers all over the world

2022-04-16 16:04:25

  The 131st online Canton Fair in Faret was grandly opened

On April 15, 2022, the 131st Canton Fair in Faret was grandly opened. The online live studio of Faret group has welcomed global customers. It realizes the combination from digital exhibition hall to 3dvr factory. Intuitively help customers more vividly and comprehensively understand the advantages and latest development of Faret. The leaders of Guangzhou Panyu District Taxation Bureau and their party visited the live broadcasting room of Faret to guide the research.

Tax leaders of Panyu District visited the live broadcasting room to guide the research

On the morning of April 15, director Cai, the leader of Guangzhou Panyu District Taxation Bureau, and his delegation visited Faret to guide the investigation. After learning more about the development plan of Faret group and the experience and harvest of participating in previous Canton fairs, I came to Faret live studio for a live visit. Director Cai affirmed the development of Faret in recent years, and said that Panyu District Taxation Bureau will continue to optimize service measures for enterprises, such as optimizing export tax rebate services, accelerating the speed of export tax rebate, optimizing export tax rebate process, and improving the efficiency of enterprises.

Live broadcast room in Faret


Faret group has carefully prepared all kinds of new radiator and condenser products, which are displayed online by the live broadcast team who understands products, trade and language, attracting many customers to communicate with us online. We sincerely invite customers and friends from all walks of life to communicate and negotiate with our faret sales elite anchor online!

Live broadcast preview of Faret


Please look forward to the global online launch of new products

Faret Group sincerely invites all new and old customers to meet at the 131st online Canton Fair